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Volume 7
2008 - 2009
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Light on Ayurveda Journal                      

Fall 2008

Fall 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Ayurveda & Jyotish: An Overview
By Jeffrey Armstrong
Jyotish for Ayurvedic Consultations
By Tamiko Fischer
Gem Therapy in Jyotish and Ayurveda
By Howard and Jennifer Beckman
Astrological Approach to Maintaining Health
By Madhavi Rathod
Cystic Fibrosis Yields Clues to Ayurvedic Treatment, Pathogenesis: Case Study
By Renay Oshop
Reviving the Dravyaguna Curriculum
By Dr. Amritpal Singh
Are You Healthy? Ask the Stars
By Swami Sitaramananda

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Winter 2008

Winter 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 2

Relationship of Pranavaha and Annavaha Srotas
By Aparna Bapat, BAMS
A Fresh Breath of Ayurveda
By H.H.Sri Ravi Shankar
Homadhuma: Light on Smoking Herbs, I
By Prashanti de Jager and Vajra Ashara
Heavy Metals: Where Does the Threat
Come From
By Jennifer Rioux, PhD
Prana - The Breath of Life
By C. Scott Ryan
Alcohol: An Ayurvedic View
By William Courson, C.Ayur., MSNHS

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Spring 2009

Spring 2009, Vol. 7, Issue 3

Marma Chikitsa
By Anisha Durve
Abhyanga: Massage in the Ayurvedic Tradition
By Julia and D'nesh Mader
The Use of a Retreat Format To Assist in
Recovery from Addictions
By Durga Devi O'Neill
Tisraisaniya: Three Healthy Wishes
By Naranaya (Anthony) Biduck
Homadhuma: Light on Smoking Herbs, Part II
By Prashanti de Jager and Vajra Ashara
Ayurvedic Foot Massage
By Robert and Melanie Sachs
Mystery of Metallic Medicines
By Anusha Sehgal, M.D. (Ayurveda)
Essentials of an Authentic Ayurvedic Spa
By Sarada (Anastasia) Von Sonn, D.Ayur

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Summer 2009

Summer 2009, Vol. 7, Isuue 4

The Journey of Food into COnsciousness
By C. Scott Ryan
Ajirna: An Allopathic VS. Ayurvedic Approach to Chronic Functional Dyspepsia
By Ulli Allmendinger
Ghee: Ayurvedic Nectar or Heart Disease Risk Factor?
By Joanna Johnston
Interview: Q&A with Amadea Morningstar
By Ulli Allmendinger
Reseach: study of Ayurvedic Therapy to Increase Excerise Tolerance in Congestive Heart Failure
By Dr. Rohit Sane, Dr. Gurudatta
Interview: Joseph Immel of JoyfulBelly.com
By Genevieve Ryder

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Ayurveda is a science of natural health care that originated in India as a sister science to yoga. It is approximately 5,000 years old and yet its teachings are timeless..
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