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Light on Ayurveda Journal                      

Fall 2006

Fall 2006, Vol. 5, Issue 1

Ayurvedic Education in America
By Cynthia Copple
Gurukula Education and Ayurveda
By Felicia Tomaskol
Ayurvedic Education: Value of Studying Sanskrit
By Nicolai Bachman
Ayurveda Schools Comparison Chart
Interview: Starting Kripalu School of Ayurveda

By Sivani Alderman
Ayurvedic Educator's Insights

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Winter 2006

Winter 2006, Vol. 5, Issue 2

Krimi (Parasites): A Macroscopic View
By Dr. Martina Ziska
Astrocytoma: Efficacy of Ayurvedic Therapy
By Dr. Prashant Sawant, et al
Symmetrical Marma Point Rash
By Dr. Alakananda Devi
Ayurvedic Protocols for Depression
By Doreen Paradeis
Menopausal Journey: A Self-Study
By Smita Sathe

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spring 2007

Spring 2007, Vol. 5, Issue 3

Prana and Immortality
By Dr. Nitin Unkule
The Aromatic Journey of Prana
By David Crow
Engaging Prana: Theory, Tools and Skills
By Prashanti de Jager
The Experience of Prana
By Gyandev McCord, PhD, E-RYT
Primary Infertility: Case Study
By Dr. Prasant Sawant
The Prana and Ojas Formulas
By Dr. Jack Ebner

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Summer 2007

Summer 2007, Vol. 5, Isuue 4

Male Infertility - an Overview
By Dr. Aparna Bapat
Ayurvedic Herbs for Male Reproductive Problems
By Vishnu Dass, NTS, LMT, CAyu
Case Study: Success with Infertility
By Dr. Sarita Shrestha with Della Davis, M.A.
Amalaki - A Review
By Dr. Amritpal Singh
Sacred Amalaki
By Mandakini (Christine) Machiraju
Be Summer Savvy with Ayurveda: Ancient Knowledge for Modern Culture
By Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra (GAMS, DSc) and
Mélina Takvorian, Ph.D.

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Ayurveda is a science of natural health care that originated in India as a sister science to yoga. It is approximately 5,000 years old and yet its teachings are timeless..
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