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Summer Issue 2005  Vol. III, Issue 4 (Ayurveda and the Mind)

Ayurveda & the Mind: Overview 
by Dr. David Frawley
What is the Mind, How Does It Cause Depression, What Can We Do About It? 
by Sarasvati Buhrman, PhD
Medhya Herbs and Therapies 
by Prashanti de Jager
Design & Interpretation of Data in "Heavy Metal Content of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Products" published in JAMA by Saper, et al. 
by Jennifer Rioux, PhD
Bija Mantra as Therapy 
by Doreen Paradeis
Bipolar Depression: Case Study 
by Alakananda Devi, MD
Depression: Case Study 
by Prasant Sawant, MD

Insights of the Mind and Hast Jyotish  by Ghanshyam S. Birla

Ghee: Ayurvedic Perspective  by Peter Malakoff


Spring Issue 2005  Vol. III, Issue 3 (Ayurveda and Children)

Pitri Paksha: Honoring Ancestors
by Swamini Mayatitananda
Preventing Colds and Flu in Kids
by Dr. John Douillard
Herbs and Home Remedies for Children
by Vishnu Dass
Feeding our Children
by Mari Clements, M.S
Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy for Asthma
by Christine and Venkat Machiraju
Helping Teens by Doreen Paradeis

Bhasma Therapy: Panacea or Poison?
by Dr. Jay Glaser
Ayurvedic View of Metallics (Bhasmas)

by Dr. Partap Chauhan


Winter Issue 2004  Vol. III, Issue 2 (Vata Theme)

Osteoarthritis Review by Felicia Tomasko

A New Twist on Vata
by Dr. Partap Chauhan

Pakshaghata (Hemiplegia)
by Dr. Krupali Desai

Role of Guduchi in Karma Chikitsa
by Dr. Avinash Lele

Case Study: Vata Post-Surgical Management
by Dr. Nita Desai

Yoga for Vata
by Mukunda Stiles

Ayurveda: Manifest your Potential
by Len Blank

Ayurvedic Cooking
by Ann Skibiski, R.N., DAy


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