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Winter Issue 2006 Vol. V, Issue 2

Krimi (Parasites): A Macroscopic View
by Dr. Martina Ziska
Astrocytoma: Efficacy of Ayurvedic Therapy
by Dr. Prashant Sawant, et al
Symmetrical Marma Point Rash
by Dr. Alakananda Devi
Ayurvedic Protocols for Depression
by Doreen Paradeis
Menopausal Journey: A Self-Study
by Smita Sathe
The Five Elements: Part IV Water by Dr. Marc Halpern
Ayurvedic Cooking: Energy Bars
by Ulli Allmendinger




Fall Issue 2006 Vol. V, Issue 1 (Ayurveda Education)

Ayurvedic Education in America
by Cynthia Copple
Gurukula Education
by Felicia Tomasko
The Value of Sanskrit in Ayurvedic Education
by Nicolai Bachmann
Interview: Starting a School of Ayurveda at Kripalu

by Sivani Alderman interviewing Director Hilary Garivaltis
Ayurvedic Schools in the U.S.: Comparison Chart

Ayurvedic Educators' Insights
Op Ed Pages:
"The Need to Regulate Ayurveda" by Dr. Lakshmi Mishra &
"Regulation of Ayurveda through Evolution" by Dr. Marc Halpern
"The Need to Publish in a Peer-Reviewed Journal" by Dr. Alakananda
Ayurvedic cooking: Rice
by Julia Mader, LMT

Summer Issue 2006 Vol. IV, Issue 4 (Ayurveda & Women's Health)

Remembering Ancestors: Key to Good Health
by Swamini Mayatitananda
Enhancing Women's Fertility Through Ayurveda
by Terra Rafael
Ayurveda for Post-Natal Care
by Rucha Kelkar, BAMS
Images of Change: the Menopausal Journey

by Faye Berton
Disorders of the Pelvic Diaphragm

by Jay Glaser, M.D.
Shatavari: A Gift for Women

by Srita Shrestha, MD (Ayur)
Case Study: Correction of Urinary Incontinence through Physical Therapy and Yoga

by Marlena Pelliccio, PT and Genevieve Ryder, RN, RYT
The Five Elements: Part III Fire by Dr. Marc Halpern



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