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Summer 2008, Vol. VI, Issue 4

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy: The Big Picture
by Marc Halpern
Yoga Practices for Balancing Ayurvedic Doshas
by Mukunda Stiles
Foundations of Therapeutic AyurYoga - Part I
by Betheyla Anuradha
Using Yamas and Niyamas in Dealing with Illness
by Ulli Allmendinger
Philosophical Foundation of Yoga and Ayurveda
by C. Scott Ryan
Dashmula: The Ayurvedic Anti-inflammatory
by Dr. Amritpal Singh
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Legacy: A Vedic World
by Dr. Jay Glaser
Creation of a Dashamula Kvatha
by Prashanti De Jager
Advanced Ayurveda - Part II: Rakta Dhatu
by Dr. Marc Halpern, D.O.
Food as Medicine: Kitchen-Free Cooking
by James Pace

Spring 2008, Vol. VI, Issue 3

The Psycho-Physiology of Stress
by Dr. John Douillard
Ayurvedic Management of Insomnia
by William Courson, MSHNS
Bhagavad Gita: Healing Stress Spirtually
by Swami Sadasiva Tirtha, PhD
Case Study: ayurveda in Incurable Malignant Brain Tumor
by Dr. Alakananda Devi
Ancient Ayurveda: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
by Gandharva Sauls
Virya: the Active Principle
by Dr. Amritpal Singh
The Seven Dhatus: Rasa Dhatu
by Dr. Marc Halpern
Ayurvedic Cooking: The Ojas Diet
by Ulli Allmendinger


Winter issue, Vol. VI, Issue 2

More than Skin Deep: Beauty and the Seven Dhatus
by Dr. Alakananda Devi
Coconut: A Tropical Nut's Effects on Health and Beauty
by Felicia Tomasko
Aesthetic Aushadhi: Herbs for the Beauty of This
by Prashanti de Jager
Beautiful Yantras
by Sarah Tomlinson
Gateway to Ayurveda: The Spa Industry
by Robert Sachs
Ayurveda in Spas: Introducing a Complete Approach to Wellness
by Dr. S. Ajit
The Doshas: Kapha - A Closer Look
by Dr. Marc Halpern
Ayurvedic Cooking: Balancing Winter Influences
by Ysha Oakes


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