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Winter 2009, Vol. , Issue

Ayurvedic Education and Practice in the United States
by Hilary Garivaltis and Wynn Werner
Metaphysics in the Philosophy of Ayurveda
by Monica Kuwar Rathore
Ayurvedic Schools in the United States In Search of Balance: How an American Girl Found Ayurveda
by Jessica Hartley
Interviews: Directors of Schools of Ayurveda
Keeping a Clear Path to an Open Heart

by Elaine Long



Fall 2009, Vol. , Issue

Allergic to the Modern World-Multiple Chemical Senstivities: A Case History
by Alakananda Devi
Breath as Medicine: An Introduction to the Effects of Pranayama on the Mind and Body
by Claudia Welch
Gojihva: A Clinical Trial for its Hemostatic Action
by Tripathi B., Mishra D., Dubey SD, Pandey LK, Tripathi KK
In Memoriam – Kumar Batra A Personal Journey with Poison Ivy Columns The Seven Dhatus: Advanced Ayurvedic Theory Part VII: The Sukra Dhatu: A Closer Look
by Dr.Marc Halpern, D.C.
Ayurveda Wonder Foods-Spices
by Charu Mahawar, Alka Agarwal

Summer 2009, Vol. , Issue

The Journey of Food into Conciousness
by C.Scott Ryan.
Ajirna: An Allopathic vs. Ayurvedic Approach to Chronic Functional Dyspepsia
by Ulli Allmendinger
Ghee: Ayurvedic Nectar or Heart Disease Risk Factor
by Joanna Johnston
Interview: Q&A with Amadea Morningstar
by Ulli Allmendinger
Research: Study of Ayurvedic Therapy to Increase Exercise Tolerance in Congestive Heart Failure
by Dr.Rohit Sane, Dr.Gurudutta
Interview: Joseph Immel of JoyfulBelly.com
by Genevieve Ryder
Rtucarya: Seasonal Practices - Summer and Fall
by Jaisri M. Lambert
The Seven Dhatus: Advanced Ayurvedic Theory Part VI: The Majja Dhatu: A Closer Look
by Marc Halpern, D.C.
Fast and Easy Ayurvedic Cooking
By Julia Mader

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