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Light on Ayurveda Journal                      

Fall 2010, Vol. , Issue

Embracing the Many paths of Spiritual Healing: Health and Joy in Daily life
By Swami Sadasiva Tirtha
The Vedic Roots of Ayurveda
By Jay Glaser
Ayurveda and Disease: A Philosophical Perspective from Bhagavad-Gita and Bhagavata Purana   
By Monica Bhaitia, pandit Atul Krishna Das
Ama: A Reconsideration Prameha: Constracts and Similarities to Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
By Coen van der hroon and Liese van Dam
Dreaming, Consciousness and Ayurveda
By Santiago Suarez-Rubio
The purisavaha Srota: A Closer Look
By Marc Halpern
Light on Science Discovery
By Diana I. Lurie
Three Questions to Prashanti de Jager on Triphala


Summer 2010, Vol. , Issue

Ayurvedic Rasayana: The Ideology of Healthy Aging and Performance
By Mayank Thakur, et al.
Vata Dosa: A key player in the Pathology of Ageing
By C. Scott Ryan
Seven Steps: A simple Solution to India's Diabetes Crisis at Hand
By Martin Gluckman
The Purisavaha Srota : A Closer Look
By Marc Halpern
Three questions to Prashanti de Jager on Brahmi Workshop on THMPD
Ayurvedic Recipes
By Joseph Immel
NAMA conference spawns new era of proactive unity
By David Lamoscola


Spring 2010, Vol. , Issue

The Immune System: According to Ayurveda, Yoga and Modern Medicine
by Nicole Nurenberg-Miller
Post-viral Immune Dysfunction
by Alakananda Devi
The Annavaha Srota
by Marc Halpern
One-day Measurements of the Nostril Cycle Reflect Long-Term Cognitive Manifestations of Brain Laterality and ANS Activity
by Santiago Suarez-Rubio
A Buddhist Surgical Instrument Compared with a Contemporary Roman Instrument
by Nasim H.Naqvi
Ayurvedic Cooking: Why Grandma's Chicken Soup Works
by Joseph Immel
Boosting Immunity with Ayurveda
by Ulli Almendinger
Sattvic South Indian Rice Balls


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Ayurveda is a science of natural health care that originated in India as a sister science to yoga. It is approximately 5,000 years old and yet its teachings are timeless..
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