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Ayurvedic Practitioners in Florida

Please note: Listing in these pages does not constitute an endorsement by Light on Ayurveda Journal, Light on Ayurveda Educational Foundation or their Boards. Subscribers to LOAJ may have a free listing on this page click here.

Florida General Directory

Anisha Durve, Ayurvedic Specialist, Acupuncturist,
and Yoga Therapist.
12191 W. Linebaugh Ave.
Tampa, FL 33626
Tel: 813-855-4455, Email: info@nirvanihealth.com
Web: www.nirvanihealth.com

Julia and Dinesh Mader, LMT
Customized residential and day treatment programs. Personalized cooking classes. Specializing in Kerala rejuvenation treatments.
Rasayana Cove Ayurvedic Retreat
Florida, Tel: 863-494-7565, Email: rasayana@cyberstreet.com
Website: www.ayurvedicretreat.com

Dr. Light Miller and Dr. Bryan Miller - offering consultations, Ayurvedic massage, panchakarma, Yoga Studio, Ayurvedic school.
Ayurvedic Center for Well-Being, 2017 Fiesta Drive,
Tel: 941-929-0999
Web site: www.ayurvedichealers.com

Denise O'Dunn, RYT500, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Ayurvedic Consultations and Treatments, Panchakarma, Hatha Yoga
St. Petersburg FL  Tel: 727-823-8743
Email: enjoyoga.om@gte.net 
Website: www.balanceandbliss.com

Janice Walker
2920 NW 87 Terrace, Coral Springs, FL 33065
Email: tontago@aol.com

Ayurvedic practitioners are educated in a variety of schools and colleges. There is a considerable difference in what a practitioner offers due to the background that a practitioner may have brought with them to the study of Ayurveda. For example, the practitioner may be a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, chiropractic doctor, nurse, yoga teacher, nutritionist, or massage therapist. If the practitioner already had a health career prior to studying Ayurveda, they will likely utilize their knowledge of Ayurveda within that chosen career.

There may be a focus on Ayurvedic spa therapies including abyhanga (Ayurvedic massage), shirodhara (oil streamed onto the forehead), swedana (herbalized steam), stone therapy massage, pizichil (whole body oiling), facials, herbal wraps, ubtans (massage with herbal body paste), and many other specialized Ayurvedic techniques. Other practitioners may focus on teaching and guiding a client through lifestyle changes.

In general, Ayurvedic consultants work to balance the dosha imbalance (imbalance in the body "humors" or characteristics). They may offer the detoxification program known as pancha karma (five detoxification therapies), as well as nutrition and lifestyle guidance, and recommendations of Ayurvedic natural herbs. Through their knowledge of the science of Ayurveda, they can assist a client in setting up daily routines (dinacharya) and seasonal routines (ritucharya) that can bring about the desired balance to release stress and help to ward off dis-ease.


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