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Very Important: Do not add any special formatting features such as columns, indents, alignment, or justification.

Graphics, charts: remove from the article, leave a notation in the text that the graphic or chart should be placed in that location. Submit the chart on its own page.

Sanskrit terms: If not a commonly understood word such as dosha, guna, etc. the first appearance of the word shall be in italics followed by the definition in English in parentheses. Ex: avidya (ignorance, not knowledge). After the word is first defined, it should be in plain text (not italic).

Sanskrit words using diacritics- send the correct diacritics in hard  copy by regular  mail, or create a pdf file to show the diacritics. If your computer is unable to place diacritics, you may add them by hand to the hard copy that you send to LOAJ.

Format for a Case Study: The general form is outlined as follows. (Although these constitute the basic elements, the order of presentation need not be rigid):

1. Presentation of the symptoms noted by the client and the findings from the examination.
2. Description of the plan of action and the Ayurvedic principles involved in the decision.
3. Course of the treatment including modifications
4. General description of the Ayurvedic understanding and theory behind the findings and the plan of treatment.
5. Outcome of treatment
6. Summary and discussion of the case

Format for a Research presentation:
• Introduction (brief)
Review of literature on the subject
• Object of the presentation
• Findings
• Conclusions
• Brief summary of the paper

Book, Media or Workshop Reviews: 500 to 800 words. Must be presented in an unbiased manner with information rather than advertisement as the key component to the report/review.

Books: Include title, author, publisher, publishing date, number of pages, price.

Video/audio: Include title, performer, producer, contact information, type (cassette, CD, video), length, price.

Workshop/seminar: Include title, presenter, location, number of hours/days, contact information, cost. Note: Review should be of an on-going or continuing offering.

How to Reference: References should be keyed to the placement of the quote in the text and numbered consecutively in order of appearance. Personal communications (oral or written) should be acknowledged within the text. Broad
statements and principles should be accompanied by references in English translation (plus optionally in transliteration) to authoritative texts, especially the six major ancient texts. References to ancient texts should be in standard format (e.g. CaSu,xvii,29-32). The editors give preference to articles referencing the sources of the Ayurvedic principles presented.

(1) Book references:


Author: Selye, HA(followed by a period)

Title of book: The Stress of Life

Edition: (if one)

Location of Publisher: New York, NY: (followed by a colon)

Publisher and date: McGraw-Hill: 1976. (colon separating them, end with a period)

Actual entry:

Selye, HA. The Stress of Life, New York, NY: McGraw-Hill: 1976.

Example of a translated book:

Author:________Use a line if author is unknown.
Title: Caraka-Samhita

Translated by: A. Chandra Kaviratna & P. Sharma (2 authors, the first author is listed by last name, then first initial/s, the second starts with first initial then last name)

Edition: 2nd

Publisher and Date: Delhi, Sri Satguru Publications, 1996.

Page number/s: 33-45.

Actual entry:

_________Caraka-Samhita Translated by Kaviratna AC and P. Sharma, 2nd ed. Delhi, Sri Satguru Publications,

1996. 33-45


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