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LOAEF Basic Level Donations

Change the Text to: Your membership supports the LOAEF mission and goals, helping to make Ayurveda known and practiced in every household. You can become a member of LOAEF at various levels of support. Your support at a higher level is highly valued and needed for us to continue our work. All levels of membership include a one-year's subscription to Light on Ayurveda Journal. The Basic level of membership is listed below.

U.S. $50

U.S. Ayurvedic student  $40

Canada/Mexico Membership $55

 Canadian Ayurvedic student  $45

Overseas Membership $60

Overseas Ayurvedic student  $50

About the Light on Ayurveda Educational Foundation

Light on Ayurveda Educational Foundation (LOAEF) is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization founded to further the knowledge of Ayurveda. Its goal is to bring the knowledge of Ayurveda to every household. It is the publisher of the Light on Ayurveda Journal, the journal for practitioners and students of Ayurveda, offering peer-reviewed articles on clinical application of Ayurvedic science and knowledge. LOAEF produces pamphlets and brochures for the Ayurvedic education of the general public and offers articles to enhance Ayurvedic knowledge for the general public. LOAEF's web site offers guides to Ayurvedic schools and colleges, a calendar of events including Ayurvedic workshops, classes, seminars and talks about ayurvedic nutrition, dinacharya (lifestyle), science, pulse diagnosis, ayurvedic therapies including abhyanga (massage), swedana (sweat therapy), shirodhara (therapy of oil streamed onto forehead), panchakarma (the five cleansing and detoxifying therapies of ayurveda), Sanskrit, conferences, psychology, advanced and basic Ayurveda.


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