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The calendar of events, workshops and seminars is a special feature for subscribers. Listing is free for subscribers on this website. Email us the following information: Date/s, Name of school or sponsoring facility, Presenter, City, State/Province, Country if other than U.S., Contact info (can be any or all of the following: Tel., Email, Web site). Include up to 50 words describing the event. To place an event within the journal's pages, there is a charge of $5.00 per event. For publication in the journal, your information must reach us six weeks before publication deadline (see below dates)

General information

We publish quarterly, due dates for event submissions are the 15th of January, April, July, and October.

A full year's subscription is included with membership in Light on Ayurveda Educational Foundation (non-profit, 501 (c)(3).
Stand alone subscriptions:
One year, published quarterly

$24.00                    U.S. $28.00
Canada/Mexico $32.00        Overseas $36.00
Pay by check, money order, credit card (MC or VISA), or use the convenience of PayPal for multiple payment options including American Express and Discover.


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