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The Center for Indic Studies at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (CIS-UMD) is the new publisher of Light on Ayurveda Journal. Dr. Bal Ram Singh is the director of the center and in charge of the transition from Light on Ayurveda Educational Foundation. Dr. Singh is assisted by Dr. Jerry Solfvin in this endeavor. They are looking for highly motivated people versed especially in Ayurveda to offer their services to continue the journal and to bring it to the next level. The following information describes the positions available and a brief job description. For further information, you may contact Dr. Singh or Dr. Solfvin via email.

Editorial Positions Available
Light on Ayurveda: Journal of Health

June 15, 2009: The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Indic Studies (CIS-UMD, in North Dartmouth, MA) is pleased to announce its role as new publisher of the international Light on Ayurveda: Journal of Health (LOAJ), a quarterly peer-reviewed journal of clinical ayurveda for students and practitioners.

The impending retirement of the founding Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Genevieve A. Ryder, RN, BS, DAy, has left the original publisher, Light on Ayurveda Educational Foundation, with a momentous task of finding a group of editors that will interface and continue the work of the founders. Her last issue on the journal in her current capacity will be published in June 2009.

Founded in the fall of 2002, LOAJ has provided a unique perspective to the genre of alternative medicine journals in the USA, with a quality peer-review system and a consistent emphasis on cross sectional views of ayurvedic practice from a broad range of perspectives. Click here for the list of past journal issues or here for sample articles.

The mission of LOAJ is to increase the visibility of Ayurveda through increased circulation.  As LOAJ makes the transition into an academic journal with a worldwide forum for Ayurveda, we encourage quality input from practitioners, researchers, and thinkers around the world.


CIS-UMD seeks to divide the duties of Editor-in-Chief with a volunteer board of editors that will work together from their own locales. With the assistance of Ms. Ryder, who will assist in a smooth transition over the coming year, CIS-UMD will accept primary responsibility as the hub for the continued publication of this journal. During this transition, we anticipate that the high quality of the journal will continue with its normal publication schedule, design, layout, and content. We are attempting to maintain the same members of the advisory board and editorial board, adding only the several new members recommended by CIS-UMD needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the outgoing Editor-in-Chief.

The current plan is to restructure the editorial staff over time, beginning with distribution of the current duties of the Editor-in-Chief to several volunteer editors, each of whom will accept primary responsibility for a specific domain, under the direction of the Editor-in-Chief. The following eleven (11) editorial positions will function with the general job descriptions given below.

Editor-in-Chief, providing overall direction of the journal
            Managing Co-editor to oversee all publishing tasks
            Managing Co-editor to oversee all publishing tasks
Copy Editor to review language usage
            Design Editor to oversee the look and feel of the journal, including layout
            IT Editor for computer and web-related activities and issues
            Sanskrit Editor for review of all Sanskrit terminology used in the journal
            Medical Editor for medical/clinical accuracy

Sponsorships editor for engaging long-term sponsorships with ayurvedic groups
            Advertising editor for increasing advertising quality/quantity
            Circulation editor for circulation issues and academic journal requirements

            Editorial representatives to various geographic regions

We seek editors with knowledge, creativity, and commitment as team members, who share this vision and will take pride in their role at LOAJ. These new editors will work with current volunteers and staff editors who are currently serving under different titles and will be encouraged to continue with LOAJ wherever possible.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: The Editor-in-Chief will help to bring LOAJ into the sphere of academic journals through his/her full-time position in an academic post. We hope that the editor-in-chief is someone who will inspire new contributors and readers. The editor-in-chief will be encouraged to write an editorial column for each issue, and will serve a term of 3-5 years.

MANAGING CO-EDITORS:  The two managing co-editors will provide the heart of the workforce that assures the journal publishes on a timely basis, coordinating closely with each other and with the rest of the editorial staff. The managing co-editor positions may require up to 10 hours per week (each), on average, coordinating the work of others. One of the managing editors may take primary responsibility for putting out the journal in a timely fashion (copy, layout/design, IT, printing, mailing) while the other managing co-editor may take primary responsibility for coordinating the work of associate editors (sponsorships, advertising, circulation) while assisting the editor-in-chief on content, peer-review, and contributor issues. 

TECHNICAL EDITORS:  Technical editors will supervise a specific domain, such as maintenance of the website, assuring correctness of technical language (e.g., Sanskrit), or medical accuracy or appropriateness of content.

ASSOCIATE EDITORS:  Associate editors have domains of responsibility outside of peer-reviewed journal content and production. These areas include circulation, marketing and advertising, soliciting advertising revenue for the journal, seeking donors and sponsors. Associate editors may be eligible for performance based financial compensation.

REGIONAL EDITORS:  Regional editors will serve as contacts and representatives in specific geographic regions, to encourage visibility and contributors in the region.

In addition to the editorial positions described above, LOAJ will continue to depend on an active and vibrant EDITORIAL BOARD, including  reviewers, and an ADVISORY BOARD. We envision expanding these boards to assure representation from a broad range of perspectives.

The first issue utilizing the new editorial board will be published in October 2009, with review beginning July 1 for that issue. Editors will be selected for their ability to serve 3-year terms, which will be automatically renewable annually, with the possibility of additional 3-year year terms, where that is agreeable to all concerned and in the best interests of the journal.

loaj organizational chart

APPLICATIONS:  To apply for one or more of the editorial positions, PLEASE complete and send your updated CV along with list of publications and response to the following general questionnaire to: Light on Ayurveda Journal, c/o Jerry Solfvin, CENTER FOR INDIC STUDIES, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 285 Old Westport Road, North Dartmouth, MA 02747.  (Or via email).


1.  Please describe how you see yourself fitting into the LOAJ editorial picture – include any special skills or experience you bring, and what tasks you see yourself doing.

Please share your  thoughts on these topics…

2.  LOAJ is presently an “American style” journal with an emphasis on clinical practice while also presenting articles suitable for students of Ayurveda. What is your vision? Please list resources for your plans.

3.  LOAJ has maintained an independent stance, not espousing one particular lineage of Aurvedic teaching/understanding). Would you (or your institution) continue it as such? If not, what would be your emphasis?

4.  What is your perspective on the in/significance of Ayurveda in Western culture?

5.  How would you change the thrust of the journal?

6.  How would you increase the journal’s circulation and/or revenues?

7.  Please share with us a two-page BIO, including education, professional employment, publications, accomplishments, and two professional references. Be sure to supply current contact info including phone(s), mail, and email addresses.



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