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Hazards of Dry Cat Food: An Ayurvedic Analysis

• It provokes vata because it is dry and rough (ruksha khara)

• It provokes pitta due to content of toxic chemicals such as ethoxyquin (used to harden rubber) and BTA. These lead to aggressive behavior and fighting. Even high-quality dry cat food such as Avoderm contains corn, a pitta-provoking allergen. Feeding of a mono-diet also causes food allergies and other pitta reactions, leading to diarrhea and ulcerative colitis.

• It provokes kapha because it is high in carbohydrates, an unnatural food for cats. Due to its unnatural dryness, dry cat food disturbs uddakavaha srotas (the water carrying channels) leading to diabetes, dehydration and thirst.

• Because the mouth of uddakavaha srotas in the renal glomeruli is the root of mutravahasrotas (urine carrying channels), cats fed on a diet of commercial dry cat food readily develop urinary stones, cystitis, or even glomerulorephritis (kidney disease).

• Commercial dry cat foods are extremely tamasic, often containing such items as rendered cats and dogs, cancerous parts of cows, meat from diseased animals (all so-called meat by-products) as well as sweepings from granary floors. Such foods can lead to prion-caused diseases such as mad-cow disease, as well as impeding the cat’s spiritual progress. (Companion animals live with humans in order to progress spiritually from human association.)

• Commercial wet cat foods also contain dangerous meat by-products. Use a good quality wet food such as Avoderm, Innora, Wellness or Wysong.

Healing the Damage Caused by Alcoholism: A Case Study

by Jacob Griscom, C.A.S.

Howie came for a consultation in January2003. Howie is a 52-year-old male working as an estate grounds-keeper. He came to me concerned about the damage he had caused to his liver during his years of alcohol abuse. He had high liver readings, as well as high cholesterol, and he has a history of cirrhosis in his family.

He has really turned his life around. He quit smoking, has been sober for two years, and is on a spiritual path with a regular yoga, pranayama, and mantra practice. He’s the type of client I feel honored to work with because of his enthusiasm and commitment to healing.

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