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Chikitsa (treatment):
Helpful was given triphala guggulu, one 0-capsule daily and the following formula:
shardunika 3: haridra 4: neem 1: bibhitaki2: shankapushpi 4: punarnava 5: vidanga 1, one 0-capsule thrice daily.

Because I felt that it would be impossible to control his blood sugar as long as he had active giardiasis, I also gave him a krumigna formula with vidanga and pomegranate skin. The same formula was given to all five cats to prevent Helpful being reinfected by his companions.
Outcome: Within a month, Helpful was able to jump and climb again. His ragged fur molted away and he developed a luxuriunt, shining coat. His temper improved and his insulin usage gradually decreased from 2 units twice daily to 0.5 units twice daily.

Sadly, Helpful developed an incurable cancer, resulting in his being euthanized. Despite the added physiological stress, his blood sugar remained excellent to the end. We supplied his guardian with Ganges water and holy ash, which were administered to ease his transition and promote a good rebirth, according to the ancient traditions of sannatan dharma.

Grey is the male foundling, aged about 12-13 years. He had scar tissue on his vocal cords and could barely mew. His guardianís main concern was his aggression with the other cats.
Pulse diagnosis: Prakruti: V3P3K1 †and Vikruti: V4P3.5K1. He also had pitta in the thyroid gland, an early-warning signal of throxoscicosis, which frequently affects cats. I immediately requested that he be taken off thyroid supplementation, which he was receiving.

Chikitsa (treatment):
Herbs: yesti madhu 2, shatavari 5, ashwaghandha 5, dashamoola 5, shankapushpi 4, sarasvati 2, one 0-capsule thrice daily, brahmi one 0-capsule 2x daily.

Within a couple of weeks on this program, Grey became less aggressive, although the difficulty of unrelated male cats cohabiting can never be completely helped by herbal remedies. He gained muscle weight and his fur thickened. As a result of the krumigna formula given to all the cats, Grey and all his companions became giardia free for the first time in ten years. After six months of treatment, Grey suddenly began mewing loudly and sweetly. This was especially noticeable to his guardian, who is hearing-impaired. Previously, Grey ís mews were not audible to her; now they are loud and clear.


Another geriatric cat, Butterscotch had glomerulonephritis with renal enlargement. His prakruti was V3P3K1 †and vikruti: V4P4K1. He was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, although the pulse revealed vata in the thyroid indicating irregular thyroid activity.

Because of this finding, we advised that the Tapezol be discontinued and he be given the following herbal protocal: kaishore guggulu one 0-capsule daily. (a 0-capsule is between 1/16 and 1/8 tsp, an ideal dose for a cat). He was also given: punarnava guggulu 5, bala 5, gokshura 5, yesti madhu 2, one 0-capsule thrice daily.

Butterscotch had been needing twice daily fluids for dehydration for the previous six weeks. After three days on his formula, he no longer needed fluids. From a semi-moribund state, he gained muscle weight, resumed walking, and became less stressed. He became responsive to his guardian and the other cats, and began acting normally, no longer manifesting as an invalid or terminally ill cat. His fur became thicker and stronger.


A littermate of Butterscotch, Liquorice was complaining of arthritis, cystitis, and giardiasis. Like Butterscotch, he had vata in the thyroid pulse. His prakruti was V2P3K1 †and vikruti: V2.5P3K1.

Herbal protocol: He was given:kaishore guggulu 2, guduchi 5, shankapushpi 2, mutral 2, one 0-capsule thrice daily.

As a result, his arthritis gradually improved. After six months on the herbs, he regained his ability to jump up and down. His cystitis symptoms also abated. Two months later, he had major dental work. As a result of a broken tooth, he then developed toxaemia and was given Baytril injections. He became pitta-provoked from the antibiotics and was given a new formula: kaishore guggulu 2, punarnava 3, gulvel sattva 1, yesti madhu 2, shankhabhasma 1, one 0-capsule thrice daily
This formula helped to control his pitta through he still tended to develop diarrhea if he went off the herbs.


A geriatric female cat, Muffin was complaining of ulcerative colitis with chronic diarrhea, cystitis and low weight. Her prakruti was V3P2K1 †and vikruti: V4P3K1. She had vata in the thyroid pulse.

Herbal protocol:, arjun 4, kaishore guggulu 2, bala 5, shanka bhasma 1, gulvel sattva 2, yesti madhu 1, one 0-capsule thrice daily. Also: bhumyamlaki one 0-capsule once daily.

For the previous month, Muffin had needed nightly supplemental fluids. After two weeks on the formula, she no longer needed fluids. Her diarrhea continued for about three weeks more after which she began to have formed stools. She gained weight and her fur became thicker and softer. She later developed an eye infection which was effectively treated with one 0- capsule of turmeric twice daily.



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