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Veterinary Ayurveda: Cat Case Study
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Veterinary Ayurveda: Cat Case Study

by Dr. Alakananda Devi

In this paper, we present case histories of a family of five geriatric cats, four litter mates, the fifth a male foundling. We will discuss the cats’ symptoms, Ayurvedic diagnosis, treatment protocols and responses with a view to demonstrating the immense potential benefits that Ayurvedic approaches have for the welfare of companion animals.

The cats in question all receive a mono-diet of Avoderm, a high quality dry cat food. They also receive an afternoon snack of organic baby food, as well as some fresh vegetables. All these elderly cats, with their long history of mono-diet, are in the vyakti and bheda stages of the kriya kala process. Neither the cats, the pet-guardian nor the veterinarian were receptive to the suggestion of changing or varying the cats’ diet in any way. At this stage, since the cats have advanced kidney disease, their vet prefers dry cat food as lower in protein and hence easier on the kidneys. Ayurvedic treatment has thus proceeded ahead as best could be in the face of a continued mono-diet of a high carbohydrate food rich in corn, a major allergen and pitta≠-provoking substance. The causative factor of many of the cats’ severe health challenges--a carbohydrate rich mono-diet of rough, dry food--continued unabated.
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