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Six Stages of Disease

by Candis Cantin Packard

Vedic wisdom gives us the understanding of the significance of our daily life. Even the slightest discomfort can tune us into a doshic imbalance.Slight doshic changes are pre-pathological conditions. First, the dosha gets impure and deranged and then starts affecting the dhatus (tissues). The word dosha literally translated means that which rots.  When the doshas are no longer serving as a physiological function, they become disturbed and create symptoms.In Western medicine these disturbances would be recognized as non-specific in origin.  For example, a fever of non-specific origin. But in Ayurveda terminology, one may say “high Pitta in the rakta dhatu (blood tissue)”.

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Candis Cantin Packard has over 25 years of practical experience as a counselor and teacher of wholistic life-style principles. She is a founding member of the American Herbalist Guild, has studied Ayurveda with American Institute of Vedic Studies and with Dr. Vasant Lad. She is the author of Pocket Guide to Ayurvedic Healing  is the artist for the Herbology Tarot and has created a new correspondence course for the program she founded and directs, The Evergreen School of Integrative Herbology in Placerville, CA Tel: 530-626-9288. Email


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